EatFishDesign is an award-winning design and communications consultancy based in Leeds. We specialise in communicating technically complex products/services to your target audience in a visually engaging way.

Our background in design coupled with engineering ensures we are the right company to understand your ideas and relate them to your audience, so they see the true value.

We have extensive experience working with research groups, university spin outs, and medical and engineering SME’s developing bespoke materials your audience can understand.

Untangling your marketing messages and analysing the most effective communication channels for your stage of development.

Creating outstanding visual communication materials for technical content including websites, marketing materials and CAD renders.

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How We Work
  • We only work on projects we are passionate about
  • We never start creating work we do not understand
  • We always advice our clients on the best solutions for their stage of development
  • We have a rigorous process for every project
  • We never compromise on quality and never deliver work we are not proud of
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We always take the time to understand who our clients are before commencing any project.

Get in contact for a no-strings-attached consultancy meeting where you tell us what your next step is and we will advise you on the best course of action.